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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Attitude...It's What's For Dinner

As the old saying goes, “Mothers of teenagers know why some species eat their young.”

Steele: All we have to do is walk by the Starbucks counter and they start making your drink before you even order it!  That’s pretty bad.  You should probably consider getting help for your caffeine addiction. Oooooo banana bread, can I have one of those?


Me: What are all those stains on your white hoodie?
Steele: DARN those hot Cheetos!


Me: (getting ready for a business party) How does this look?
Steele: Well, you kinda have a little muffin top goin’ on.
Me: Yeah I need to change to a looser top.
Steele: Or you could do some crunches.


Steele: (around 8pm) Oh yeah, I need a poster board for an in-class assignment tomorrow.
Me: Why am I just hearing about it now?!  You really need to let me know these things ahead of time.
Steele: But then we wouldn’t get to enjoy the element of surprise.


Steele: Uh oh.  That awkward moment when mom realizes she’s just like maw maw.


Me: (belting out a tune at the top of my lungs) It’s time to tryyyyy defyyyyying graaavity, I think I’ll tryyyy, defyyyyiiing graaavity, and you can’t pull me doooown
Steele: Maybe you should stick to singing songs more in your range

Remember back when they were babies and you would say things like, "Oh...he's just so cute and adorable!  I could just eat him up!"  Well, same concept...different context and tone.  Welcome to the teenage years.